Bling Events – 3 Trends and Ideas That Are A Must This Year

The most significant impact an event has on an attendee is the design. The minute you enter a venue it is the visual part of the space that captures the attention. It is the Stage Connections and décor that hold our eye. But is planning a successful event all about decoration? How do we keep the audience engaged is not just through the aesthetics? In this article, we talk about the latest trends and ideas that are taking the world of bling event planning in a storm.
• A Mix Of Senses
Till last year, virtual reality was the big it for most events. A mixed reality experience in high-definition is what this year call for now. People want events that give a holistic effect with a mix of all the senses. Audio and video are the two conventional staples, but individuals wish for an event that engages their sense of smell, taste and touch. When all five senses are involved, not just during the celebration but before and after too, it creates for a one of a kind effect. Multi-sensory is the topic du jour.
• Venues A Galore
Traditional layouts for sites have become a thing of the past. Planning an event in a theatre, classroom or a convention hall is no more the need of the hour. The latest trend to catch on is unique venues that make a splashing bold statement. A place with the same dull four walls and roof on the head is not what you need. If you wish your audience to be engaged, interest and evoked, then plan the event in an inimitable venue. Think open gardens, cabaret location and such.
The idea is to make the audience interact with each other while having enough space to entertain them. If your event calls for layout where a central demo is needed while fostering social interaction, then pick a herringbone arrangement. It is not just the venue that can be unconventional; even the seating style can be out of the ordinary.
• A Sustainable Way
The last and the third trend that we discuss here is sustainability. Being more conscious of the environment is an idea that is being incorporated into every field of our lives. It is not just events and celebrations. With the way we have been splurging and being uncaring of the Earth, our actions are now coming back to bite us. This has urged planners and brands to be more socially responsible when it comes to catering events. The most prominent idea to take hold, presently, is going paperless.
Instead of printing invitations, people are using digital copies. The same applies to brochures or schedules that may be used during and before the event. The aim is to be as eco-friendly as possible. So, if not using papers is unavoidable, then use material that is recyclable. The idea is to recycle, reuse and re-invent stuff to ensure the environment is not harmed further. Create an event that fosters sustainability rather than mindless decadence.

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