Bling Events – Planning

Planning any event be it a party or an award ceremony involves a lot of planning. The event might be at your home, office, etc. it is critical that you choose the right venue. When you select a venue that has enough space you can put your plan into action and put up an award-winning bling event. Many ideas are floating around the internet and even by other event organizers, but the key is to plan and orchestrate your efforts so that you can pull it off.

Decoration themes: The decoration for the bling event will depend on the theme you have chosen for the occasion. Since the event is all about bling, you should select decor that suits the events. You can use lots of stylish jewelry and curtains as part of the decor. You can also mix and match themes so that people who attend your event more than once are surprised by the freshness you are offering to the event. After deciding on the theme, it’s time you look into other aspects of the event. Here are some of the themes that you can consider

Black and white: You can think creatively and turn this black and white theme into something interesting by adding decor that adds style to the venue. Artwork, centerpieces, etc. can bring more color to the subtle theme. Contrasting colors will add a great deal of elegance to your decoration.

Awards theme: You can have a red carpet theme which will enthrall the guests. You can create an entrance which is akin to the award ceremony with bright lights and colorful props. The stage and the event itself should be decorated and lit dimly to create an appealing environment. The other props like the tables for display of bling should match the theme.

Planning: The best way to make sure that the event you host is a success is to draw up a plan and organize things so that you don’t miss out on anything. You can do this by creating a checklist and ensure that you track it till it is completed. Also after you come up with the list of things to be done, you should then rank it, That way you can prioritize the work. The work that is rated high will have to be completed first and then the subsequent tasks. Once you finish each job, you can cross it off your list. Any change or edits that you make in the list is to be tracked diligently. Another option is to create multiple folders of vendors, bills, etc. The venue has to be divided into various parts with sectors for catering, special invitees, etc.

Stage: Do you want to have a stage created for your bling event and invite special guests to the podium. If you have such plans, then you should have a stage decorated accordingly. Apart from the decorations, you should think about the seating arrangements, audio equipment, speaker positions, etc. Ensure that you check the venue has all the necessary equipment and the sound system

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