Plan it and Do it!

The new era marks the beginning of an entirely new vision towards the corporate event and its planning process. Everyone who is working with the team of planning and setting up and implementing this must be clear that corporate event planning is much more than meetings and client dealings. These days such corporate professional events have been a motivator to take an organization’s fame to the next level.

There are several steps in the planning phase, and it is a month-long process. Once planned and systematically put to effect, there is guaranteed success.

Before you begin planning such events get yourself well educated about types of corporate events, the budget required, the objective of the event, record of people attending, marketing the event, and finally making a checklist for the final green signal.

Know the different types of corporate events

These events can range from company meetings, internal seminars, and client hospitality ones. Getting to know the events in terms of size is the first step in the planning process. Hence these are classified as micro size, small events, mid-scale events, and large scale events. This classification solves half of the confusion concerning the requirements of an event and finally bringing ease of operations. Based on the size, the needs will be assured with prior planning, and the entire plan gets systematic.

Formulate the budget

Estimating costs and expenses incurred for organizing and setting up the events must be budgeted for clarity and understanding. It is advisable to formulate a separate finance team to make the expenses and cash required statements and keep the organizers well informed. Keep track of necessary funds for the program and also get an idea about the sponsors for the event. Planning and allocating for inflation and also reviewing previous events budgets can be handy and even beneficial.

Consider SMART event objectives

Smart is the abbreviation to Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound. These are the top objectives that are essential for making an event successful. Establishing the purposes as mentioned herewith by due importance to each point will give the organizers ease of pressure and working with streamlined goals. Making an event happen in the best possible method supports the SMART formula.

Once you are ready with your plan, make a checklist that includes the tasks in the order of execution. Make this handwritten or software operated, based on your choice. Make sure you go by sequence and mark when you are done with each point.

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