How to conduct a successful job fair event?

 A Group of People & Graduates Attending & Discussing In The Mega Job Fair Event.Know the importance of conducting job fair events!

Job fairs help candidates learn about current opportunities, companies, establish good connections and land a perfect job as per the candidate’s skills and qualifications. The job fairs are helpful for candidates who are looking for a job and employees. Career centers and colleges mostly conduct it, and more than 90% of colleges ensure to host every year for placing their candidates. If you want to know about the vacancies or current IT jobs in US, you have to participate in a job fair. Thus, you can learn about the companies’ expectations and prepare yourself according to the market demands.

It is not simple to conduct job fairs as it involves a lot of time, money, and hard work for hosting and organizing the job fair. In this blog, let us discuss what is exactly involved in establishing a job fair.

Tips for establishing a successful job fair event!

If you are the fair organizer, you have to know who will be arriving at the fair and a rough idea about the job seeker’s goals regarding the employment. It will also help if you determine the goals of the attending businesses. Thus, you can get to know the essential features of the event.

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Step 1: Select a time and location for organizing the job fair. Ensure that the location can occupy the expected number of attendees. It is also important to make sure that the venue has adequate parking facilities.

Step 2: Think, whether you wish to host a general fair or focus on a particular area or industry such as healthcare or computer. After deciding on the job fair, ensure to list the companies interested in attending. Find the contact details of the interested or potential company’s human resource directors. It is best to get the contact number by calling the office directly or visiting their business website.

Step 3: Draft a financial plan for the event. If you can find a free venue with free chairs and tables, you have to plan about the other expenses. Include expenses such as paper supplies, refreshments, roller banners, printing costs, after event cleaning, advertising, audio-visual equipment, table cloths, and chair and table rentals in your budget.

How to make the job event a successful one?

Check Out – Ensure to organize the entire setup and location at least one day before the event. If you have finalized a large hall, it should have the capacity to hold the exhibitors’ electrical supply requirements. The majority of companies need power for their computers, televisions, and other equipment. Hire a group of volunteers to assist the exhibitors in setting up the tables and organizing the event.

Graduates attending annual Job Fair to choose their jobs.

Send invitations to potential exhibitors. It is recommended to send at least three to four months before the fair. The invitation has to be addressed to the human resources director or company president. Moreover, it is hard to find a human resource director in small companies. Ensure to follow the responses in a spreadsheet.

Once you get an idea about the job fair organizers, you have to prepare a marketing strategy for the event. Create post flyers and ads and distribute them around the locality, buildings, and communities. Also share a press release in a local newspaper. When promoting in newspapers, place an advertisement regarding the job fair and post complete information in the employment section.

Remember, the fair has to be valuable and memorable. Ensure the volunteers assist you throughout the event. Plan where each company would be stationed. Offer ample space for visitors to get around. Include beverage and food options in the event. Every individual from the recruiters to the job seekers should feel satisfied and happy about the final results. Assist them in running the event smoothly and memorable, and this way, you would also get confidence in running the next event. Share freebies or complimentary gifts where you could add company details to the participants. It is an excellent marketing strategy to make candidates remind about your company. We hope these tips remain helpful in organizing a job fair successfully.

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