About Us

Each year brings with it new celebrations. Passage of time means anniversaries of historical events. These days and celebration are a way to recall triumphs and honor those who were lost. Latino Inaugural was created so that you can witness significant historical anniversaries and celebrations from around the world. From remembering World War I to the swearing in of a new president to death anniversary of Princess Diana, this site is all about remembering the past.
We are akin to a think tank and publisher who makes it their utmost goal to dedicate every resource at hand to serve our readers. We consider every interested citizen be it a high ranking government official or a student, a journalist or a business executive our client. We work tirelessly and consistently to help every person understand the world a little better.
We believe it is by knowing and appreciating the past that we can progress towards a better future. Therefore, Latino Inaugural was given birth. Every member of our team starting from the intern to the highest level executive has one goal – to bring to our patron’s news of upcoming celebrations and historical events from all over the globe. Our service is meant to provide knowledge to those who are unaware. It is our way of disseminating the culture and value of different sections of the world to varied people.
Latino Inaugural hopes that in the future we will be able to celebrate or commemorate events and days as global citizens and not just denizens of a single nation.