Best Practices for Corporate Meetings

Most entrepreneurs and investors are not satisfied with the setup of their board meetings. It is not useful, actionable or effective enough. The meetings are facilitated by the selected board chair. However, any person can do this job. The board meetings are prepared by the Corporate Secretary. However, a staff member, the Chief Financial Officer, and the General Counsel can manage all or one of the meeting arrangements. It is a time-consuming task to prepare for the board meetings. The corporate secretaries have to arrange at least 100 board books. In recent years, board organization is simplified by the use of board management programs or software.

Best Methods For Preparing And Planning Board Meetings

It is important to determine the time required for planning board meetings and planning meeting schedules. If you want to make the planning predictable, the boards mostly plan the first meeting plan at the beginning of the financial year. The majority of boards meet on a quarterly basis and some on a bi-monthly basis. Plan for conference room automation that felicitates meeting without any hassles.

The meeting planner or corporate secretary starts planning the agenda a month beforehand. By scheduling the time for the meeting, the members would plan appropriately. The corporate secretary needs to distribute board books a week prior to the meeting.

Spaces And Rooms Every Business Space Should Possess

Image That represents the professional and ideal work environment for business to succeed.

The company or office is more than a normal space. It is a home far from your home. It is the place where all your hard working employees meet and join to work. Just like the comfortable home space, the office space should also be comfortable. It should motivate productivity, creativity, and inspiration and also reflect the culture of your company. If you want your employees to perform the best work, the working space should have numerous cabins and rooms to meet various requirements.

In this guide, let us discuss the spaces and rooms that a workplace should have along with their benefits.Here – Check Out about what are the rooms required for an office.

Must Have Spaces And Rooms In Office

Conference boardroom and meeting room: It is mandatory to have this room in all corporate companies. It is a big area with sufficient seating and presentation screen. It is well known that meeting rooms play an important part in the office. It depends upon the total employee count to determine the total sum of meeting rooms. There are different kinds of meeting rooms, they are as follows:

Video conferencing rooms: It is the room equipped with a monitor and webcam for video calls. It is mandatory to have video conferencing rooms in the contemporary workplace.

Brainstorming rooms: It is an isolated area with a marker board. It is the room ideal for developing and sharing great ideas. The size can be as per your office requirement. It does not have to be large.

Small meeting rooms: It is a cozy space that can hold around 5 or more members.

Greeting And Reception Area

It is necessary to greet and welcome the visitors arriving at the office. You need to have a separate place for welcoming the visitors. It is called the reception area. The reception area should consist of seating, and other entertainment options like television, newspaper, etc. The visitors would wait for the host in this room instead of directly entering into the office.

Image That Shows The Reception Area in Workspace.

Phone rooms
If the company is set up in an open manner, it is best to give your employees a phone room. This way, the employees can use the room for making and attending personal phone calls. This space should be occupied by only one person at a time.

Certain companies have luxurious kitchens or cafeterias completely stocked with necessary food items. Every company would wish to serve good food for their employees but not all companies can afford to serve food for their staff. It is a basic necessity to have a kitchen so that your staff can prepare and store their meals. If possible, you can provide staff with extra amenities like coffee maker, refrigerator, microwave and several small appliances that aid in making a great difference to your workspace.

Common space
It is necessary to have a common space where employees can socialize without disturbing the office routine or tasks. The common idea should be secluded from main office workspace. The environment should be relaxing and comfortable. It should be set up just like the commonplace at home. Ensure to add comfortable seating so that the employees can relax when they want to at common space.

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